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Joining London Pride 2019

Joining in on the London Pride 2019 festivities wasn’t something that I’d even thought of doing before we made the move to London if I’m honest. I guess as a heterosexual female, I don’t actively add these events into my calendar, but after my experience this year, I will definitely be back in 2020!

I have always been an advocate for LGBQT+ rights. I believe love is love and anybody can love who they choose, as weird as the concept sometimes is to us, especially if you grew up in a relatively conservative country like South Africa.

London Pride 2019 just so happened to be on one of the first weekends after we arrived in the country. We were meeting up with one of Alessio’s friends for a photo walk in any case that wasn’t all that far from the parade and we made a last-minute decision to go and check it out.

I was nervous because I had read online that the organisers were expecting over a million people to show up, and I am not a huge fan of crowds as it is. But everything was well organised, everybody was super happy and chilled, and it was more-or-less easy to make our way around central London to get some pictures.

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I’m not going to write all that much about London Pride 2019, because I really think my photos say quite a lot about the experience, but I will say this:

I actually didn’t expect to feel so emotionally moved by the parade. There were families with young kids, some that you could see didn’t identify with their assigned gender, that were there to support them. There were people of every nationality and skin colour I could dream of that were out in their full rainbow colours to support their communities and their friends. There were dogs, so many dogs, sporting pride bandanas.

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But mostly, there was just so much love that I actually got tearful at one point (and am now as I type this too). I have never experienced such an overwhelming sensation of support and love and even though I can’t strictly call myself a member of the LGBQT+ community, it was wonderful to see how big the world is, and how many people are rooting for love.

If you want more details on London Pride, visit the Pride in London website.

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