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Kenya in 20 incredible photos

Kenya. Such an incredible country, known mostly by travellers for its safari value, is one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever travelled. From the noisy bustle of Nairobi, to the calm serenity of Lake Naivasha, Kenya was both satisfying to my soul, and an absolute treat for my eyes. This is my story in photos…

Kenya Kate Els 20

Just outside Nairobi lies the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. It’s an orphanage for baby elephants and rhinos that are released back into the wild when they’re ready. Just like any other orphanage, there are lots of blankets to be washed and hung up to dry.

Kenya Kate Els 19

A replica of an almost-human skull discovered on Rusinga Island at a Leakey fossil site.

Kenya Kate Els 18

This is Mama Sarah Obama, the grandmother of Barack. We met her at her homestead just outside Kisumu. She spends her days pushing for better education for the local children of Kogelo, her village, under the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation. I also met Barack’s aunt, Marsat, who translated to us that Mama Sarah stays young ‘worshipping God and helping the less fortunate’.

Kenya Kate Els 17

Sometimes Mother Nature plays along… a lioness relaxing in the bow of a fallen tree in Lake Nakuru National Park.

Kenya Kate Els 16

Sunset from the top of Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi. For a small fee, you can take the lift to the top and feel the king of the city!

Kenya Kate Els 15

The Nairobi Maasai market moves to a different location each day and is basically the best place to barter and try find a deal on something distinctly Kenyan. I loved the woven bags the most.

Kenya Kate Els 13

Something about a waterbuck reminds me of a teddy bear, maybe the nose?

Kenya Kate Els 12

Catching a nap in a capenta net. This stray pooch snoozes during daylight hours at Litare Fishing Village on Rusinga Island. The community spends their nights fishing for the tiny sardine-like fish, they dry them and sell them off for animal feed or fertilizer on mainland Kenya.

Kenya Kate Els 11

Catching a ferry from Rusinga Island back to mainland Kenya, there are plenty small-time vendors selling biscuits, earrings and a few other things. My favourite though was the boiled egg guy: he’d peel an egg, quarter it and then throw on some tomato and onion relish.

Kenya Kate Els 10

The women of Rusinga Island are responsible for the domestic chores of the village, while their husbands are out fishing. 

Kenya Kate Els 9

Sailing on Lake Naivasha towards Crescent Island.

Kenya Kate Els 8

Cycling through Hell’s Gate National Park, with not a safari vehicle in sight, was one of the best experiences of the entire trip! Bicycles can be rented at the entrance gate.

Kenya Kate Els 7

Floating in the creamy, sulphurous waters of the Hell’s Gate Geothermal Spa Pool. A bit of a hidden secret here, but you just need to follow the maze of pipes towards the geothermal plant to find it. 

Kenya Kate Els 6

This cow is thinking “where the hell am I?” In Litare Fishing Village.

Kenya Kate Els 5

Guess which animal these belong to?

Kenya Kate Els 4

The cute patoot of a baby ellie at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Kenya Kate Els 3

Asante, or thank you, Kenya for being so colourful. These little curio stalls precariously hang off the side of the road of the Great Rift Valley.

Kenya Kate Els 2

I sorta scared this little guy into his shell by accidentally almost stepping on him!

Kenya Kate Els 1

Takawiri Island Resort on Lake Victoria was under repair when I visited briefly. It reminded me of Mauritius.

I’m absolutely desperate to get back to Kenya, and if you like me want to visit, then why not take a look Dream Trips, between their Amboseli Game Viewing itinerary, Welcome Dream Trip to Taveta in Eastern Kenya, and Kenyan Beach Retreat, you could actually recreate my own trip!

I originally travelled to Kenya in 2015, but I haven’t been able to publish any of the images on this blog as I’d been commissioned a piece on my trip by Sawubona magazine. I’d almost forgotten to share them altogether! My trip to Kenya was with the Kenya Tourism Board, as always though, my words are my own. This post has been sponsored by WorldVentures DreamTrips.

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    • Thank you Stephanie. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • very nice photos. Thank you so much


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