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10 Joburg food spots to try this weekend!

What have you got planned this weekend other than… nothing? Well how about getting out of the house and trying out somewhere new on the Joburg food scene!

Here’s my round-up of the ten best foodie havens you need to experience! There’s so much going on in Joburg right now, that you’d be amiss to not get out there and find something rad and different from your usual eatery, okay? Okay!

1. Marble

Marble 3

Sjoe, this has been a long-time coming. Chef David Higgs (ja that one) has finally opened the doors to his new Jozi restaurant in Rosebank. I swear I watched the building on Jan Smuts go up painstakingly over the last few months and finally! The dining concept of Marble is unlike any other, with food prepared over an open flame and a wine list that is rumoured to absolutely rock. It doesn’t take a genius to predict that Marble is going to blow up quickly, so get in early.

For reservations at Marble, call +27 10 594 5550.

2. Ferguson’s 5th Floor

Fergusons 5th Floor

Now that summer is around the corner, I’m stalking down anywhere that has a sunny space on a rooftop. Ferguson’s 5th Floor is EXACTLY it! Situated in Illovo, atop a fancy glass office block, this daytime eatery offers some delicious breakfasts, fantastic coffees, and a range of lunches. The best part: they have dishes for indulgence, as well as some that are more inclined to building a summer body. If you go, try out their fresh pressed juices too! FYI, you can read my review of Ferguson’s 5th Floor here.

For reservations at Ferguson’s 5th Floor, call +27 11 082 1234.

3. Father Coffee

Father Coffee

Short of needing a caffeine drip to get going in the morning, I am a big fan of cultured coffee drinking. You may know Father Coffee from their shop in Braamfontein, but this month they opened right up the road from me in Rosebank, and I am AMPED! These guys know a lot more about coffee than most baristas and are hellbent on bringing the art of a perfect cortado to town.

For more info on Father Coffee, call +27 82 513 4258.

4. Maverick and Jane


So here’s the deal, I lived my entire 2010 on popcorn. I was a sad broke journalist, and popcorn was filling and comforting and happy in a bowl. Maverick & Jane, just opened in Rosebank, is a nostalgia trip for me in this case: they take popcorn and make it sexy. Flavours like Belgian chocolate, olive oil and herb, red velvet popcorn and cheese now exist, and need to meet your stomach. What I’m saying is, grab some popcorn and indulge in a Father Coffee and you’ll be a happy human.

For more info on Maverick and Jane, call +27 72 234 1825.

5. The Cosmopolitan Bar

The Cosmopolitan Bar

I have always adored The Cosmopolitan building in Maboneng. I was so excited to hear that new life was going to breathed into the place after being bricked up for so many years, and you can read more about that on 2Summers blog here, but when I found out one of  my fave Jozi chefs was opening up there too? Good grief! Dario de Angeli of Cube Tasting Kitchen has set up a simplified version of the original in The Cosmopolitan, and I’ve only heard good things. As soon as I actually get there myself, I’ll let you know!

For reservations at The Cosmopolitan Bar, call +27 82 422 8158.

6. Momo Bauhaus

Momo Bauhaus

If you, like me, are a massive fan of Asian cuisine, let me introduce you to the latest foodie rage in Greenside: Momo Bauhaus. Offering buns, bowls and sushi rolls, this gem of a spot is a sort-of tapas bar offering mouthwatering Asian flavour in bite-sized chunks. Plus, it’s BYOB and there’s no corkage, which means it’s perfectly acceptable to pull a bottle of wine out of your handbag on arrival.

For reservations at Momo Bauhaus, call +27 10 900 4889.

7. Selva


Hand’s up who loves the spicy, oily flavours of Portuguese food? Uh huh, so that’s why Selva! I grew up in Joburg South, it was basically a haze of peri-peri and terrible accents. So yes, I’m going to support anything that involves a good set of grilled sardines and a little buttery prawn situation.

For reservations at Selva, call +27 11 781 0455.

8. Remo’s Liberta

Remo's Liberta

If you’re into carbs and cheese and cream (who are you kidding if you say no?), then Italian food will always be in your corner. And other than a cheese trolley, which I personally feel is more than enough of a drawcard, this is the place to drink authentic Italian beer and snack on some pretty inspired antipasti in Sandton.

For reservations at Remo’s Liberta, call +27 11 883 0664.

9. Milk Bar

Milk Bar

Based on Pritchard Street in the Jozi CBD, Milk Bar is the second of its kind (the first being in Kramerville). This exceptional coffee shop come bar is embraces the continent of Africa, and it shows in the decor! Grab a quick breakfast or lunch here, and sample some of Milk Bar’s fresh sandwiches.

For more info on Milk Bar, call +27 11 028 8443.

10. Urbanologi


Described as Urban Garde, the fine dining cuisine at this new eatery in Jozi’s CBD can only be described as incredible. Using traditional street food techniques, the dishes created at Urbanologi are unlike anything you’ve ever eaten before!

For reservations at Urbanologi, call +27 11 492 1399.

Any eateries I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below…

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  • Try che Argentine Grill in maboneng 303 fox street

    • Hey Lola! I love Che, their food is delicious. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll be working on different lists going forward and will find somewhere to include it!

  • Bbq workshop Vaflaki is amazing . Should be up here 100%. It is at Bbq Workshop in Rivonia. The Joburg Foodie is always there posting about their Vaflakia! 100% worth it!

    • Thanks for the suggestions Giorgio! I’ll check it out!

  • The New hit place is Bbq Workshop. I agree with the above post! You have to try it … Should be on this list

    • I’ll definitely be checking it out!

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