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My favourite London pics

Posting pics from London is a very overdue task. Truthfully, I have about 37 blog posts in draft that I’ve been meaning to get up, but fortunately I have been so swamped with work this year that the blog hasn’t been my main focus. I’ve been on a mission this week to get some of the drafts out of the way though, so you get a visual treat that’s a few months old!

For those of you that don’t know, I chose to spend Christmas and New Year in the UK at the end of 2015. I had always wanted to go to Hogmanay in Edinburgh and will get something up about that soon, but for now, here are my favourite shots from about a week in London.

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London

Unlike many South Africans, I haven’t ever lived in London or even spent much time there. Naturally, I tried to fit in as many Christmas tourists hot spots as possible, because I love a little cheesy Christmas Fair. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park reminds me a bit of when I was little and we visited the Rand Easter Show. That’s before the Rand Show got a little dodgy obvs.

London 6

I couldn’t resist the ‘defiance’ of a punk stuck at an extremely commercial Christmas wonderland

London 10

Fresh Corn

Christmas lights on Oxford

London 9

The lights strung up all over the city are really magical, and I almost got knocked over by a bus trying to get this photo. It just makes you feel the magic of the Festive Season!

London 3

The lights and decorations on Carnaby Street were also pretty rad…

Sky Garden, London

London 1

I really, really wanted to go up The Shard. But I also really, really didn’t want to part with a sick amount of money to do it. The lesser-known Sky Garden is free (you just need to book online) and offers a pretty spectacular view over the city in all directions!

Crossing the River Thames

London 7 London 4 London 11

Although this was probably only about 5pm, we were crossing the River Thames to head back to our hotel. The colours were just magical as we headed towards Saint Paul Cathedral on the Millennium Bridge.


Let me say this: Pigeons never drew my eye before I started dating Alessio, but he has a penchant for these little critters and as a result, I now find them rather fascinating. You should even take a look at Alessio’s pigeon photos on his website here.

London 8

Very cold pigeon on Oxford Street.

London 5

Not so cold pigeon on the banks of the Thames

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