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Lautus Savvy White – the wine without booze

Right, so here’s the deal with Lautus Savvy White: it has no alcohol, or at least no more than a bottle of old orange juice that’s been sitting in your fridge.

Now that we have that unbelievable fact out the way, I want to talk about what this actually means to me (because this is my blog after all and my opinion is what keeps it going).

Lautus Savvy White was created with a single goal – to deliver the best of the grape in the healthiest way possible. And while this probably makes some people say ‘well what’s the point?’, for me this finally presents a fabulous option to enjoy when I’m not in the mood to actually drink wine but find myself in a social setting that pressures me to do it.

I have recently become a MASSIVE fan of The Duchess Virgin Gin & Tonic for the same reason. I am no longer in my twenties, my liver does not cope as well as it used to, and running a company means that I can’t roll into the office with a hangover feeling sorry for myself.

So yes, I was excited when I got sent some info on Lautus Savvy White, and even more excited when a bottle arrived for me to review. Since I’m not the world’s greatest wine writer, I just decided to write down my thoughts in order as I taste my first glass of Lautus Savvy White. So here goes:

  • Great bottle, pretty bottle, huge fan of a screw cap
  • The colour of Lautus Savvy White is pretty much what you’d expect from a young wine: pale and pretty
  • Gave it a sniff: fruity, summery, imagined myself at the pool
  • Swirlability: Legs? It’s got none, don’t care though as most of the wine I did drink in twenties didn’t have them either
  • THE TASTE TEST: Clean, sharp, floral, and pretty nice…

Okay so jokes aside about Lautus Savvy White – I actually really like it! I expected a pungent and poor copy of sauvignon blanc, but it honestly is completely unlike that in so many ways that I’m super excited about it! 

And honestly, if you’re looking for a low-calorie, guilt-free alternative to wine, this is a great one. I hate fuelling up on fizzy drinks and I’m too lazy to make fancy waters so Lautus is an ideal new drink for our fridge. It’s exactly what it’s Latin name translates to – pure, elegant and sumptuous.


The freshness of the wine will pair well with salads and light dishes such as white fish and chicken, I personally feel it could also be refreshing served with a pasta with an olive oil. The below suggestion comes from the winemakers themselves.

Suggested for summertime entertaining with Lautus Savvy White:

Grilled Yellowtail

Ingredients: Yellowtail, black pepper, coarse salt, garlic, fresh ginger, home-made lemon-butter

Method: Rub the fish with black pepper, coarse salt, garlic and a little ginger. Place over a medium to low heat fire – skin side down. Baste occasionally with lemon butter. Grill until 90% done before turning it once to get smoke flavour. Remove from the fire and serve.

To serve: Accompany the fish with freshly baked cheese-and-onion bread, served with butter, whole green figs and goats cheese; and, a cold sweet potato salad with walnuts, coriander, mint and feta, dressed with a good quality olive oil.

Lautus Savvy White is made by Holder Vineyard & Wines and is available at selected Woolworths stores and online at It retails for R59.95/bottle.

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  • Would love to win this! :)

  • Hi there

    Thanks for the review. I’m thinking of giving this a try but was wondering if it was a sweet wine or not?

    • Hey Kim. It is a dry white wine, but I did find it a little sweeter than what I am used to.


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