{May 2017} Life lately…

It has just been the absolute craziest two months over here. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m really proud of everything I’ve got going on right now, but let me start with the best part of what’s been going on with life lately…

April in a nutshell: launched a business, busiest work month of my life ever, AND WE GOT ENGAGED!

I forgot to say yes

Three weeks ago, while I was ready to get out of the house for the day, Alessio bowled me over in surprise and asked me to marry him. It was sweet, and simple, and perfect. He proposed in our home with just us and the cat, and a ring he had designed by Dear Rae months and months earlier.

Everybody asks if I knew, and truthfully I did, mostly because when the courier arrived to drop off the ring, Aless wasn’t home and I had to accept it. But that was in December, months before he actually popped the question, and I was starting to think he had another girlfriend when Christmas came ’round and there was no ring in my stocking.

How beautiful and perfect?

Aless acted like a complete weirdo for a few days beforehand, and I was sure I’d done something to upset him that I was yet to figure out. Turns out, he was just nervous as hell. I cried when he asked, he had to remind me to say ‘YES’ and then we spent the entire weekend drinking champagne and toasting to ourselves.

The best part of it all has been the outpouring of love from our families and friends. Everybody is super excited for us, and that makes me even more excited!

I love that Alessio was so involved in the design of this ring, and that it’s perfectly me!

Welcome MediaRight

The next exciting thing to tell you is about my new company! I’ve been freelancing for a few years now, but I yearned to be recognised as something bigger than just that, and wanted to create a more professional image for the digital marketing services that I offer my clients.

I’ve been working on big clients and projects for a while now, so it really was a logical step. The biggest stumbling block in this all was choosing a name that I felt worked for my business. It was a process of asking friends and family for suggestions, paying random people on Fiverr to come up with anything that wasn’t as lame as what I had thought of, and then picking a final one.

Enter MediaRight!

It’s a strange thing to launch a company really. It’s all exciting when it comes to logos, and somewhat depressing when it comes to tax, but I just know it’s going to be a success and I’m eager to see how I can grow it into my very own empire. It also has to work, because heaven knows that I am no longer employable after freelancing under my own rule for four years.

It’s been a busy few weeks of working on new proposals and moving clients over to the business, rather than just seeing me as a one-women show. And this is predominantly the reason I haven’t had a chance to blog much.

The warm, fuzzy engagement bubble is another reason I haven’t blogged much. We’ve been too busy having fun, seeing friends and sipping on champagne! I have tons of stories and photos to share, trying to find some balance in between it all though, and get back on track with sharing everything!

Hang in there, got some great stuff coming your way, dear reader x

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  • Ah how lovely! Massive congrats on both the engagement and the new business!

    • Ah thank you!

  • So thrilled for you. You deserve all the happiness, success and more xx

    • Thanks you x

  • Congrats Kate. Great news. !

    • Thanks Liz x

  • Congrats Kate! All the best on this new venture and the new adventurous chapter ❣️

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  • double like! Congrats Kate x

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  • wonderful news !!

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