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Unity Bar Durban

Durban has become the city of surprises for me. When my sister moved here a few years ago, I knew next to nothing about the place. It was a holiday destination, a place that my grandparents went to throughout the year to lie on the beach. Having had a better chance to get acquainted with the city though means that I’ve also discovered a few unique spots, just like Unity Bar in Musgrave.

Look, this place isn’t that new, but it seems to be the spot recommended by quite a few Durbanites to kick back, try some craft beer and enjoy a simple, yet delicious, pub meal. My hipster alarm bells did a little ring when I walked through the door, fronted by astroturf and vinyl illustrations, but not in that oh-great-another-hipster-joint kinda way.

More cowbell

The Unity Bar website doesn’t really tell much of the place’s history or how it came into being other than the owners wanted a place that served great produce from artisans throughout KwaZulu-Natal. The food is honest and the beer is varied, and it’s worth a visit if you’re looking for a spot to grab a quick meal.

I stopped by for lunch and our table ordered burgers and jalapeño poppers. I enjoyed a glass (or two) of THAT APA while we munched away. I’d love to go back in the evening when there is a bit more life than a Monday afternoon, but it will have to wait for my next visit to Durbs.


Address: Silvervause Centre, 117 Silverton Road, Musgrave

Telephone: +27 (31) 201 3470

Website, Facebook and Twitter.

Sliders, poppers and THAT APA

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