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Strolling about Saint Gille, Reunion

One of the fantastic things about Reunion island is that it’s actually a department of France. What that essentially means is that it’s like a little Euro destination in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It’s very French and somehow has in island lifestyle feel to it as well. One of my favourite places was Saint Gille.


Saint Gille is a smallish town with marina, aquarium and lots of little boutiques and cafes. It used to be a popular surfing destination, but surfing was banned in recent years with the appearance of sharks in the waters looking for a human-flavoured snack.


It was the ideal spot to find a cafe with an once view and enjoy a local beer, Bourbon or more commonly known as a Dodo, all the while watching the active Reunionese and French tourists wander about. These are just a few photos from Saint Gille and I’m sure you can see why it was such a lovely place to visit.



My Trip to Reunion Island was part of the Reunion Island Tourism Board’s Mascarun campaign. As with all posts, I maintain full editorial control.

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