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Shopping at Rouge Céladon

If I have a weakness for anything, its beautiful decor. In fact, I’m likely to spend all of my last cents on something gorgeous for my apartment. I’ve spoken before about how I like to bring pieces home from my travels as a reminder of where I’ve been, and while I was looking for a piece of art to bring back from Reunion, I ended up with something else entirely although art itself!


Wandering back to our hotel from an afternoon spent on the boardwalk in Saint Gilles, I spotted a dimly lit doorway just off the main road. While everybody was about to walk past, I insisted on going inside. You see, there are no storefront windows at Rouge Céladon, so you can’t be blamed for missing it entirely!

IMG_2159 IMG_2153

Inside though, the colour, artistic flair and playful nature that I’d already come to associate with Reunion through its street art was loud and clear. I’ve battled to find out much detail about the store since I’m back home and doing research on everywhere I went, but I’ll tell you what the sales assistant passed along during my visit.


The owner of the store is a Reunion designer. She takes her inspiration from the island and it’s culture and mixes it with her own unique style of design and illustration. The colour palette is warm and inspiring and feels like eternal spring. Once she has designed a batch of products to be made up, she heads over to Bali where the designs come to life. They are shipped to a few select stores, but otherwise they’re only available in the almost-secret store in Saint Gilles.

From furniture through to throws and cushions, any home decorator would do their nut here. There’s also a small choice of playful jewellery, handbags scarves and modern-day must haves like passport covers and laptop covers, all with the signature illustrations and colours of Rouge Céladon.


As a South African, the Euro was a bit of a shock in most places, but the goods here are on the higher side of the pricing scale and with the compounded stress of a poor Rand, I did struggle to find anything within reason to bring home. I did however buy a laptop and passport cover, even though they were a bit more than I would’ve normally paid. If you’re looking for a treat or something really special and original to take home with a great story though, then you absolutely need to stop here.


For clarity’s sake, I’ve placed a Google Map below because it can be a little confusing to find, look out for the storefront (pictured below the map), and you’ll find it easily!



My Trip to Reunion Island was part of the Reunion Island Tourism Board’s Mascarun campaign. As with all posts, I maintain full editorial control.

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