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My top wildlife photos from Tanzania

Where do I even start with this post? After opening and closing my unedited Tanzania photo album on my desktop at least 17 000 times, I eventually worked up the fervour to tackle these images.


For wildlife, Tanzania is hands down the best place I’ve ever been. There are so many animals that after a short while, you start to take them for granted. I saw more lions than I counted, saw cheetah on more than one occasion and I’m sure there were over 500 elephants that crossed my path during my trip there.


I have over 500 photos in my file, and will post them all over a few blog posts in the coming weeks, but these are my top ten for the time being. My absolute favourite photos are from the Serengeti Hippo Pool, and they were also the first post I put up following my trip to Tanzania, you can see more of those here.


1. Playful lion cub


I got to spot this little guy and his mom just playing peacefully outside their shelter in the Serengeti National Park. Shortly after, mom headed off to find dinner.




2. Cheetah cubs and a kill


When we got to this kill, it had literally just happened.


IMG_3610 copy


3. Goliath

This is one of the big tuskers of the Serengeti, known as Goliath by the game rangers.


4. Mongoose 1, 2, 3 and 4


These little guys were hanging out in their chosen anthill and didn’t even seem to mind us so nearby.




5. Curious buffalo


We saw quite a lot of buffalo in the Tarangire National Park during our stay there. This was the stare down.



6. Cheetah in resting pose


This was a momma cheetah just chilling in the afternoon heat.





7. For the birds


I saw crazy amounts of birds of prey in Tanzania. Eagles, kites, small guys, they are EVERYwhere.




8. Sniffing ellie


This baby elephant in Tarangire was checking us out, curious little guy!




9. Yellow-backed jackal


Such a good sighting, mostly because we don’t have these in southern Africa!




10. My best jackal


This peaceful black-backed jackal just enjoying the sun is one of my absolute favourites!




My trip to Tanzania was courtesy of Fastjet and Asilia Africa. As with all my posts, editorial control remains with me.

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  • Beautiful pictures!

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  • Wonderful and memorable photos. Good work!!

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