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#MeetSouthAfrica Jozi Instawalk


Even though it happened at the start of May, I wanted to get up some pictures from the recent #MeetSouthAfrica Instawalk held in Soweto as part of South African Tourism’s blogger’s campaign. I was heavily involved in the organising of the campaign so it was really great to see each and every blogger enjoying themselves throughout the walk and snapping tons of pictures over the course of the morning.

For me, it was so important that the nine international bloggers involved in the campaign got the chance to meet South Africans and really throw themselves into our culture around the country. The Instawalk was an amazing way to do this and these pics are just a few that I took (I’m saving the rest for other posts). I sadly wasn’t at the Cape Town Instawalk, but I’ll past soon about the Durban leg

I think the best part of the walk was the chance to meet other South African bloggers and even some really rad Instagrammers that have ridiculous following because of their amazing pictures of our country. Thanks to everybody for making it such a great way to spend a morning!

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