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My return to Maputo

Flip! Let me start off by saying that I’ve always loved Maputo. The first time I visited, it was a literal drive through, but the time after that I got to experience a lot more of the city on return in 2016, and adore the pulse, people and naturally the food. While last time I left with lucid dreams about seafood, this time it was more about the colours of the city, life in a major African city, and pasteis de nata.

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The reason I got to return to wonderful Mozambique was for work, of course. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll have noticed that I’m doing more and more trips for clients and less that are about discovery. While it’s not strictly holiday, I am grateful that I get to experience just a little of every city I visit, which is more than most business travellers I know.

We ended up in Maputo for the filming of a video for Southern Sun Maputo , but got to do more than just spend time the hotel. I’ll let the pictures tell the story…

Walking down Rua de Bagamoyo, what is essentially Maputo’s red-light district, a street known for ladies of the night and a great nightlife scene.

Another shot from Rua de Bagamoyo by Alessio, the colours of the buildings, their mosaics and architecture makes it quite an incredible area to visit.

The Maputo Train Station is probably my favourite landmark in the city. Sadly on this visit, the loveliest little cafe that had been resident in the station has since closed down.

Looking out from the Maputo Train Station over Workers’ Square, this statue is dedicated to the Mozambican and Portuguese soldiers of World War I.

The arches inside the Maputo Train Station were under renovation when I last visited so it was a proper treat to get to see inside.

Although this looks surreal, this is the inside of an actual train that was waiting to depart from the station. Taken by Alessio.

Taking a walk through the city’s botanical gardens. It reminded me of the Joburg Zoo a little to be honest, without the animals. But it is a good place to stop in at if you’re exploring the city, perfect for a packed picnic lunch.

Ferro da Casa, or the Iron House, is a rather famous landmark. Made totally of metal, it’s both highly unpractical and highly appealing.

This gorgeous ginger kitty rolled on up to me at the beachfront for a scratch.

Another one of Alessio’s shots, his caption: I’m not religious by a long shot, but this morning I witnessed something truly beautiful. I was walking along this little pier in Maputo and I noticed that people were coming here to pray. This lady must have stopped by on her way to work, while just behind me was an air hostess. I love that their place of worship isn’t a pre-determined building. This is their church. This is where they display their faith.


I spotted this fisherman walking along the beach in boots that were too big for him and his net draped on his shoulders. 

Southern Sun Maputo is the only hotel in the city right on the beach, just a few steps down and you’re on the sand.

Sunrise from our room was pretty special…

I aodre the interior of the lobby at the hotel, just look at that ceiling!

How gorgeous are these ladeis at reception?

I made sure that I started each day with pasteis de nata, or custard tart, they were perfection.

Chef Jaoa modelled the signature beef espetada for me during the food shoot I worked on at the hotel.

With its dangling lights, this old fig tree at the hotel is over 200 years old. It’s also sorta hidden from the main area so it’s a quiet place to enjoy sundowners while staring out at the ocean.

Although I didn’t buy another bag this time, it’s always great to go and visit the market just up from the strip of hotels in Maputo.

This enormous mosaic in Evolve Restaurant at Southern Sun Maputo is modelled on even bigger mosaics found in the squares of Portugal.

Looking up the imperfect spiral staircase at the hotel.

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