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Resort holidays are ideal if you’re looking to relax, do nothing (not even fetch your own drink) and really unwind. Landing in Reunion, and hopping straight onto a bus to the Lux Resort Reunion, it was a great relief to arrive at such a beautiful property where everything seems to be taken care of by little French worker bees.


Walking up to the reception area, the main building of the Lux Resort Reunion reminds me of being in New Orleans. The large, wooden buildings would fit perfectly on a plantation somewhere in the south of the USA. The decor too is nostalgic, with playful touches dotted across the hotel. A large phone booth in the lobby is available for use by guests, and the calls are free to wherever you choose.




The Reunionese hospitality is quite incredible. It’s a genuine softness and concern and checking in was an absolute breeze here. Walking through the reception area towards the pool and the restaurants, the entire dynamic changed with a modern curved pool that wrapped around the terraces of the bar and opposite, the fine dining restaurant of the hotel Orangine.


IMG_2127 IMG_1172


The curve of the pool also leads guests past the bar and down towards the swimming beach of the hotel. Basically, imagine the cover of a travel magazine and a feature titled ‘best swimming beaches ever created by mother nature’ and you’d see a shot of this one. Loungers and cushions are placed out each morning for guests to enjoy, while a gorgeous little ice-cream hut stands out with its bright colours just off to the side.




While there are three restaurants at the resort, I would really recommend La Plage. It’s right on the beach and your toes are in the sand while you enjoy local creole food prepared by the hotel’s executive chef. I even tried goat, which was weird and strange and very greasy, the flavour was good though.


IMG_2123 IMG_2039


The rooms are generous in size and have a dinky little bathroom that works just fine for holidays. The beds are absolutely massive and very comfortable. My only complaint would be that the walls of the buildings are way too thin, I could usually hear everything going on in the rooms around me, even a couple arguing next door at one point. Rooms are separated out into little blocks and some are quite far from reception like mine, but that allowed for quieter mornings I believe. There wasn’t any bustling around my block at meal times!


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Reunion is as much a beach destination as an adventure one, and staying at the Lux Resort in Reunion is worthwhile at the start or end of a trip to really relax. It’s also the only 5 star beach resort on the island! I’d mix it up with staying in one of the more urban areas though so you get a chance to also experience the culture of the island and it’s people!

If you’re looking for some more information on Reunion, why not check out my other posts here. It’s a great destination for South Africans: no visa is required, the flights are well priced and shopping in a supermarket is relative to prices here at home!

My Trip to Reunion Island was part of the Reunion Island Tourism Board’s Mascarun campaign. As with all posts, I maintain full editorial control.

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