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The happiest ice-cream at Cold Stone Creamery

Recently, a family member went to Dubai for a work trip. It got me thinking about the three whirlwind days I spent there with friends who lived there at the time. I was on my way back from a cold and snowy trip in Germany and it was simple enough to stay on a few days in Dubai to spend time with friends and explore this Emirate gem.

One of my absolute favourite things that I did while I was there was stop at Cold Stone Creamery. While South Africans probably aren’t familiar with this chain, it’s really worth looking out for if you’re travelling overseas. There are plenty dotted around the globe that I’ve spotted while on a trip, but the one I visited in Dubai was extra special.


This particular branch, located in Atlantis the Palm in Dubai, is geared towards the hundreds of thirsty and hot travellers that enter this resort complex. The appeal of ice-cream is too much to resist and with the action going on inside, temptation wins every time.

The staff here have obviously spent hours perfecting their craft. You decided on a base ice-cream flavour and then what toppings you’d like mixed into this treat. Simple right? Well… this is other level. The bits and pieces are ‘chopped’ into the ice-cream base atop a frozen slab while you watch on. The really fun part of it all though is when it’s just about done and lots of shouting starts going on and before you even realise, your ice-cream has been flung across the shop only to be caught by another staff member in waiting!

DSC01556 DSC01555

Yes, I know it’s a chain store. Yes, I know it’s a little lame. Honestly though, you cannot help but be excited about this ice-cream when you’re there and if you find yourself anywhere near Atlantis, best you stop in here if for anything, the laughs this puts on people’s faces!


The above is the video proof that I hadn’t had my brain frozen while in the minus temperatures of Europe. The action really starts to happen about a minute into the video! And just look how happy I was when my ice-cream was ready! So damn tasty guys!


I haven’t had blonde hair for quite a while, this all went down in 2010.

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