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The fire dancers of Koh Samui

One thing I learnt about Thai hospitality when I was there, was that it goes beyond making sure you’re comfortable. In fact, it’s an extreme measure in comparison to other countries. The Thai people are in fact so hospitable that it seems as if they don’t feel you’re comfortable unless you have a drink in hand, a large plate of food nearby and of course, some form of entertainment. At all times.

Staying in Koh Samui was bliss. It was my favourite beach spot if I had to choose between that and crazy Phuket. One evening, the hotel arranged an enormous seafood buffet on the beach. A chef stood alongside grilling fresh prawns and crayfish over the fire, while calamari, crab cakes and freshly grilled fish were all perfectly cooked and waiting.


While we were eating, the hotel brought out three fire dancers. I was surprised that they were all guys because every fire dancer I’ve ever known was female and the whole affair was normally falling into the ‘sexy’ category. These guys were great though, showing off talent that I’ve never really seen and even scaring me a little with the tricks they did. This guy also had a great sense of humour, it was getting a little steamy with all that fire dancing going on next to me and I commented to the person on my side “woah, that’s hot”, without even a pause he went “Yes, I am, thanks”!


While this was arranged by our hotel, there are plenty of fire dancers scattered along the island beaches of Thailand, and if you’re looking for something a bit more ‘normal’ than a ping pong show, it’s worth it to go and find them for some entertainment. Just don’t get too close.

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