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Cape Karoo Guesthouse – the perfect stop in Beaufort West

Cape Karoo Guesthouse came highly recommended by basically the entire Internet, and since we were on our way to Cape Town and in need of a good place to stay along the way, we booked ourselves in!

Beaufort West, as sweet as it is, has always been a bit of a non-event if you’re on your way to or from Cape Town. It’s a good place to stay over if you need a rest stop and a decent meal, but other than that, there isn’t too much going on.

Cape Karoo Guesthouse

One of the beautiful desert feature areas at Cape Karoo Guesthouse

Cape Karoo Guesthouse is actually such a beautiful little place though, that Beaufort West became more of a highlight for me! Rather than feeling like I was just staying over somewhere for the clean sheets and hot water, it felt like more of a destination.

I wanted to share some of the pictures from our stay at Cape Karoo because it is completely Pinterest-worthy with its white walls and succulent watering cans.

Cape Karoo Guesthouse

These stairs lead nowhere in particular…

Cape Karoo Guesthouse

Right outside our room was this perfect little seating area

We stayed at Cape Karoo Guesthouse on our way down to Cape Town and on the way back – each time in a different room. On the way down, we stayed in the Windpomp Room and on the way back we roomed up in the Sir Herbert Baker room inside the original house. The house is actually a Sir Herbert Baker original building and is in immaculate condition.

Cape Karoo Guesthouse

Views into the garden, great to just relax in the heat after a long day of driving

A hearty Karoo breakfast is on offer daily, and if you’re not keen to wander into town then dinner can be served on request.

View the Cape Karoo Guesthouse website here.

Beaufort West traveller’s tip 

If you are around though, I’d recommend making a booking with Suretta from Suretta’s BnB in town. Each night, guests are served a delicious meal of slow cooked Karoo lamb served with German spaetzle and apple red cabbage. The menu never changes, the meal is always delicious, and they only take cash!

Cape Karoo Guesthouse

Pretty little jars of succulents were dotted all over the gardens

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