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A Cape escape at The Cellars-Hohenort

The last time I was in Cape Town, I flew in and ubered to my hotel and didn’t leave until I had to go back to the airport 48 hours later. The reason: The Cellars-Hohenort.

Now disclaimer up front, I do work for The Collection by Liz McGrath of which The Cellars-Hohenort forms part of, but each time I visit the hotel there’s something distinctly different to the time before. I looked up my last post from my first time I stayed over in 2014, and other than cringing about the state of my terrible photos, I can honestly say the experience is just as incredible as the first time.

The Cellars-Hohenort 2

A view of the hotel from the bottom of the garden

The Cellars-Hohenort is a small property, tucked away in the Constantia Valley, and has a well-documented history. One of the most incredible aspects of the hotel is the gardens: nine acres of exceptionally-maintained greenery including over 2500 roses (you can read more about the gardens here).

What I knew about Cape Town, but hadn’t ever witnessed first hand, was how beautiful the Constantia Valley can be in winter when there’s been a little rain. The mist in the gardens each morning was beautifully eery, while the chill of the rain didn’t bother me at all offset against how lush everything was. It really is the polar opposite to Jozi in winter in every way!

These tiny dwarf chameleons are residents on the tennis courts, you can spot them sunning themselves if you look really, really close!

I had a tour of the gardens during my stay, and my favourite section was seeing the various seasonal vegetables and herbs that were on the go.

The Cellars-Hohenort 3

My artistic cabbage photo

And as always, I had my favourite breakfast, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. It’s perfection on a plate: simple, creamy scrambled eggs accompanied by smoked salmon and topped with salmon roe. An incredible breakfast and if you live in Cape Town then you should just go for that dish alone!

The Cellars-Hohenort 6

The aforementioned smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

If you want to find out more about the hotel, then visit their website here. And if you want to read more about the accommodation and other facilities (accompanied by my terrible photos from yesteryear) then click here.

My stay at The Cellars-Hohenhort was complimentary of The Collection by Liz McGrath. As with all my posts, all editorial content is my own.

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