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Cintsa has always seemed like a mystical dot on the map of South Africa. There are so many pictures showing off its serene coastline and incredible sunsets that it’s hard not to want to visit, its only deterrent that it isn’t close to much else other than itself and the road is rumoured to be pretty bad.

Finding out for myself that the rumours of the road were exactly only that was only the first of many surprises that Cintsa offered up to me as its guest. And not to spoil the ending of this post, but to say I fell in love is an understated explanation for what I feel for the place now.

Cintsa was a stopover before heading onto Storms River where I would spend the night before starting the Otter Trail for the second time. The drive from Coffee Bay was gorgeous and easy, and that nonsense about the roads is only that. It can be done in any normal vehicle and even the dirt road down the Buccaneers Lodge & Backpackers is a breeze.


The magic turning off the main road and towards the direction of Cintsa is in its descent. As the road winds down towards its small bay and lagoon, the light of late afternoon and the fresh breeze awakened me to how special this little dot on the map is. We even stopped to take a photo of the car!

Driving into Buccaneers, there are a few buildings linked by paths, while the reception is welcoming, has a great view out over the beach and the ocean and the staff are welcoming in the most genuine way. Checking into my room (one of the new rooms recently built) was my second surprise. The room is absolutely gorgeous, bigger than most hotels I’ve stayed in and could easily be called a suite. It has a small lounge area, modern bathroom, comfy beds and a private deck that overlooks the beach complete with table and chairs.

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My next surprise was finding out everything on offer at Buccaneers! There are yoga lessons, a small spa, tons of accommodation at different rates and to suit different types of travellers, a pool area and camping area. The breakfast and dinner room are spacious and light, also with a view of course, and the bar (only for residents) is a fun night out for those looking for a party.

I was also lucky enough to be in Cintsa the same night that Ard Matthews was playing a gig with his band up the road at a little spot called Tea in the Trees. It was pretty nostalgic for me to listen to them (I last heard some of the songs when I was 13) and drinking mulled wine under the full moon was definitely a special way to spend my only night in Cintsa.

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If you do want to stay at Buccanneers, I’d say ask for one of the new rooms if you’re looking for something inexpensive that offers privacy and comfort. The meals here are also great and more than ample so splurge on the breakfast too. I never got a chance to take a yoga class, but at R50 per class, I’d say its worth getting up early to salute the sun here too. Various activities are arranged throughout the year, so check with reception if you get bored staring at the ocean (not likely).

For more information on Buccanneers Lodge &  Backpackers, check out their website, follow them on Twitter or check them out on Facebook.

Thanks to SAYTC for arranging my stay at Buccaneers. As with all my posts, thoughts are my own.

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  • lovely country wish to visit.

    • I really hope you get the chance one day!

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