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3 tasty brunch spots in Sandton

So here’s the vibe, I am not usually one for brunch spots in Sandton. In fact, I’m usually not one for much in Sandton. I have a terrible anxiety about crowds and shopping malls are not always on my ‘favourite place to be list’, but when I was invited by Sandton City to find some of the best spots to eat for their #cometothecity campaign, I took it as a challenge to change my perception.

And you know what, it has! At least to an extent. I can easily visit malls out of peak hours because I work for myself, and what I didn’t realise, was all the months I’ve been away from Sandton City, it’s opened some pretty incredible restaurants!

So here is my pick of brunch in and around the City…

Deli One

Probably the lesser-known of Sandton City’s brunch spots, Deli One is sorta hidden down a passage on the downstairs level near Woolworths. What I loved about it was the decor and the deli section brimming with delicious imported foodie treats.

The service here was great, the food came quite quickly and was also very tasty! I had shakshuka with poached eggs and am not afraid to say it was the absolute business, not some runny tomato sauce with eggs pitched in. Alessio had a bacon, brie and caramelised onion croissant, it was tasty but he was a bit disappointed with the size. His chai, kiwi and pineapple juice was pretty impressive!

What I didn’t like about Deli One? There was a cockroach running around the restaurant. A fellow diner pointed it out, the waiter tried to catch it but was too slow, I then had to watch it zip around for the rest of my meal.



To understand my yearning to visit Knead, you need to understand my addiction to fresh bread. There is simply nothing better than fresh bread with great olive oil and salt. That being said, Knead bakes everything from scratch on its shelves, and the menu incorporates it all.

I have always been a fan of mushrooms on toast, simple and tasty and at Knead I ordered the creamy parmesan mushrooms with poached eggs from the specials list. The only fault I have is that the parmesan wasn’t well blended into the sauce, but it was tasty and filling. Alessio had a good ol’ fry up that he loved. We also indulged in some delish little cookies, fresh and perfect for a sweet craving!

JB’s Corner

Ah! Always a favourite I believe. Except I don’t think I’ve ever eaten here. Can you believe that?

JB’s Corner is a great place to stop when you’re mid-shop, and it’s also fantastic to do a little people watching. We loved the coffee at JB’s (they make a great cortado), and I loved Alessio’s breakfast! He had smashed avo on toast, it was a massive portion and it just looked amazing. I ordered the Norwegian Benedict, which is essentially smoked salmon instead of ham, and while it was tasty it had been completely drowned in Hollandaise sauce. Sadly, this made the English muffins soggy and the sauce had already started to congeal when it reached the table.

Did you know: JB’s Corner has an item on the menu called The Drake, I’m assuming because Drake ate there three times when he was in South Africa. It’s just chicken and rice. How hysterical?

All in all, brunch in Sandton was fab, I would go back to Deli One first despite the cockroach, because frankly all restaurants have them, you just don’t always see them. JB’s Corner, I’m not in a rush to eat there again but would pop in for a coffee, and Knead will see me again very soon for that bread!

What did I miss out on? Tell me your fav brunch spot in Sandton City in the comments below…

The meals I enjoyed at Sandton City were sponsored by them, but as with all my posts, my thoughts are my own.

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