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The best view (and burger) in Saint Petersburg

Let me be upfront, the burger I’m about to talk about from PMI Bar was in fact the only burger I ate in Russia, but this was the best rooftop view I saw during my time in Saint Petersburg and I saw about four, so there’s that.

But calling this post ‘Possibly a great burger and a better than average view in Saint Petersburg’ was a little long in the tooth.


The rooftops of Saint Petersburg

PMI Bar was not on any plans for my time in Saint Petersburg, bur our media group was let off their reigns and we split up and wandered about the city near the Hermitage (also excellent, but you’ll need at least three full days to get through it I reckon).


The canals of Saint Petersburg were a surprise to me


The onion domes of the Church of the Saviour on Blood

How we found PMI Bar was simple, we looked up and saw a rooftop bar atop a building nearby, and simply walked and asked around and pointed until we found the entrance.

PMI Bar is actually a fine dining restaurant, the rooftop bar is actually called PMI Bar Terrace, but really after our non-verbal indications to a Russian hostess that we wanted to get on the roof, you’d be able to do the same.

Another view from my table

The cool interior, and by cool I mean freezing cold, interior of PMI Bar was a welcome refresher after wondering the streets in summer and a glass elevator hoisted us up to the roof. The al fresco setup of the terrace is honestly lovely and the waiters were incredibly friendly and of course, suggested the burger.


How’s that for a perfect-looking burger?

The burger really was fantastic, and I mixed it up with a little Russian craft beer which was also great, but all in all, the view took the cake.

Really, the lesson here was to look up, we found a great meal that wasn’t crazy expensive and we got to drink in the views of Saint Petersburg too.

For more info on PMI Bar, click here.

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