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We didn’t quite make Paris


I went to a wedding on Saturday as G’s partner, all the way to Parys for the day, and although the day ended well, it started out a little rocky.

First of all, whoever invented the concept of Garmin’s shortest route feature, is a fool. After we made our way through town, Fordsburg and then Soweto, past Soccer City and the south of Jo’burg, we FINALLY got onto the highway. You know, the one we could’ve gotten on at Cresta?

The drive was actually pretty smooth and it’s not that bad once you get on the N1, just a straight drive towards the Free State. The major problem of the day actually happened once we got off the highway though. G noticed a sort of flapping sound and his alignment was pulling a little strange and then suddenly the car was filled with the smell of burning rubber and the sound of a burst tyre klapping against the road.

Admittedly, G was quick to react and had the spare and all parts necessary out within a minute but apparently VW don’t like people who mistakenly get stranded roadside because all they include is a plastic wheel spanner. I mean on what planet is that going to work?

Needless to say, the damn spanner broke and then we started to panic. Visions of living in the bushes along the road for eternity started to materialise and starving for days occurred to me.

Not even two minutes later, two cars must’ve sensed our panic and both stopped to help us out! G explained to the first guy that we no longer had a wheel spanner that was in operation and this guy just handed his over, told us to keep it and drove off. He didn’t even want it back! Lovely human!

The second car was a family of people who basically just took over and changed the wheel for us! I was absolutely amazed at these people. G tried to give them some cash for helping us so that they could buy themselves some drinks a bit later, but they refused to take it and said that next time we must just stop to help somebody else.

While they were changing the tyre, the cops also pulled up and said they were just making sure we were safe! I couldn’t believe it. They even offered to take us into the ‘location’ to get a new tyre at a good rate.

Turns out the spare had a bulge in the sidewall so we rode slowly into town and called the number outside a tyre shop at the Total garage and the guy came and opened his shop on Saturday afternoon to sell us a tyre.

I’m getting dizzy at reliving all of this in my head because I honestly was amazed at how kind and friendly and helpful everybody was. It could’ve turned seriously ugly and it all worked out so amazingly well all thanks to the kindness of strangers.

So thanks to Parys for the large amounts of help we got on Saturday. It really is a special little place!

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