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Going back to Matjiesfontein {with much better pictures}

I just absolutely had to go back to Matjiesfontein and take better pictures!

A few months back, Alessio and I opted to drive down to Cape Town. While it was part holiday, it was also for the wedding of a friend that I literally met when we were still both in the womb. On the way down, we needed a spot to stop for lunch, and rather than pull into a petrol garage and eat a terrible burger, we opted to stop in Matjiesfontein for something a little different.

The iconic exterior of the Lord Milner Hotel

The original Court House of Matjies

I’ve blogged about Matjiesfontein before (5 reasons to stop (and stay) in Matjiesfontein) and why it’s such a nifty little spot to stop if you’re travelling along the N1, and Alessio had never been, so there was every reason to return!

Pulling into this tiny town, it was exactly as I remember it. The buildings have been looked after and even the signage is in immaculate condition. We spent some time wondering around, and I retold what I remember from my visits here to A before we headed in for lunch.

The royal red carpet leading up the Lord Milner’s staircase

Inside the tiny Traveller’s Chapel


Adjacent to the Railway Station in Matjiesfontein, you’ll find a hall filled with classic cars

Inside the stationary train that takes up residence in the town,

One of the highlights for me was to go back and take (much) better photos. On my first visits, it was before I had a decent camera and knew how to use it, so I already had an idea in my mind’s eye of all the photos I wanted to get that I didn’t manage to before.

The only photo I’m missing is one of the hotel’s castle-like top lit at night, which means I’m going to have to go back!

If you’d like more detail on Matjiesfontein, visit their website here.

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