Katarina Mancama

I’m Swedish, and have lived in Australia, Switzerland, the UK and Panama before making SA my home almost 10 years ago. I love travelling, good food, wine (especially the bubbly kind) and am always on the look-out for a new challenge. My day-job is sustainable development in tourism, but I also work as a tour guide and I support tourism businesses with online and social media marketing. If there is ever a moment to spare, I travel. I want to show people that by doing a little bit of research before you travel, and by making conscious choices as a tourist, you can contribute to positive development in the destination. But most importantly, I want to show people how slow travel is actually more fun. It’s when you meet and connect with the locals, taste the food and explore away from the main street that you really get to experience the destination!

  • Location: Pretoria
  • Website: Link