About Kate


About Kate

A self-appointed director of happiness amongst my friends and family, I spend my days writing, brainstorming online marketing ideas and figuring out which country is next on the bucket list of places to see.

Catmother to Ruby and the estranged Jack Russell Gizmo, I studied journalism at the University of Johannesburg before falling into tourism journalism. And thank goodness for that.

After writing and editing for SA Tourism Update, and a period at Hotel & Restaurant, I moved into the role of content editor at South African Tourism. There I learnt to think big, strategise to meet marketing goals and to love my country so fiercely that I’d defend it in a street fight to the death if called for. I also spent a lot of time on blogging campaigns and decided then that I wanted to grow my own blog following!

Currently, I work on freelance online marketing projects as a digital project manager, social media marketer and strategiser (this is not a word, I am totally aware of this). Writing assignments make me giddy with excitement, but I also really enjoy website development and design.


About IndiKate.net

IndiKate.net covers a range of topics from travel to running, eating out and great wines, to artists and music I love.

While I focus mostly on my own travel experiences here, I also write about the experiences linked to each of these experiences including food and wine, attractions, hotels that I’ve visited, places I’ve seen and funny stories from the people I’ve met along the way.

The majority of my blogs will be about South Africa, but I also write about international destinations that I’ve been lucky enough to visit.

If you would like to work with me, please visit the Contact section and get in touch!

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