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Ziplining the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour

Are you afraid of heights? ‘Cos I sorta am. Not in that way that makes me feel like I want to throw up and die at the same time, but more like I know that I’m about to test myself by staring down and I don’t know if I can, but don’t want to fail a life test because I’m a scaredy cat. Yeah, so it’s complicated.


Heading towards Stormsriver Adventures in the Tsitsikamma region of the Eastern Cape, I had a vague anxiety in the back of my brain that hung around through the safety briefing for my Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour and the part where we all got to strap on harnesses, make sure we had all our safety gear, including helmet and gloves, and then hop into the open vehicle that would take us to the start of our Tsitsikamma Zipline Adventure.


When we arrived at the first platform, I was more than a little anxious and sitting down to get attached to the zip lines, ready and waiting to push off and fly through the forest was totally scary! After the first slide though, I knew that I was hooked, literally and figuratively. It was so much fun, safe and controlled and made me feel amazing! My confidence even grew pretty quickly after the first three zip lines and soon enough I was pushing myself off at speed to get as much wind through my air as possible.


Stormsriver Adventures has ten cables to zip along in total, with the longest at a length of 100m. Between each cable lies a platform where you can rest and catch your breath before taking on the next cable. The guides are funny (probably to distract you from the heady heights) and also very informative, talking about the trees, birds and the conservation of the forest. This operation is one of the most incredible though, this is a community-driven project where everything possible goes back into the upliftment of the locals that keep this operation in perfect running condition!


I’m going to stop typing, because this video says it all after all:



My visit to Stormsriver Adventures forms part of the 7 Wonders of our World Campaign. As with all my posts, I retain full editorial control.

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