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Things I never got to do in Thailand

Although I got to do and see so much when I was in Thailand in May, there were tons more things that I’d love to experience and hopefully will get the chance to sometime in the future on a return trip. I thought I’d put these up partly as a journal or reminder to myself about these activities, but also partly because I’ve heard such good things about these experiences that maybe you want to do them to the next time you’re in Thailand.


 A Bangkok Food Tour


One of the best parts of Thailand is of course the food. I naturally had as many dishes as I possibly could when I was there, but I still don’t feel as if I got a good handle on Bangkok’s street food scene. I got to try a few things like pad thai, coconut pancakes and even deep-fried insects, but I’m sure there is so much more to see. Bangkok Food Tours guide travellers through the city’s maze of markets on a variety of tours, and even make an effort to tour through areas that aren’t as popular with travellers. These tours also use a lot of public transport and tuk-tuks, which makes for a much more genuine experience of the city I believe. The same company also runs tours in Chiang Mai.


A SpiceRoads cycling adventure


Now, I’m not really a cyclist of any variety, I don’t even own a bike in fact, but SpiceRoads has some fantastic tours by bike that vary in length and area. I was intrigued by their Bangkok Jungle tour, purely because it would likely show an alternative side to this Asian capital. I absolutely love activities that make me move when I’m travelling and bicycles combined with the culture of Bangkok seem ideal for discovery and fun!


IMG_2715 copy


Spotting pink dolphins in Khanom


Hopping on a fishing boat for a tour out to sea off the coast of Khanom is something I never even got near to do in Thailand, and actually only found out about after I got back. This pink sub-species of dolphins that inhabit the Khanom coastline get their hue from the mass of blood capillaries that are just under their white skin. They’re not easy to find and usually travellers need to hire somebody who is used to searching for them along the north shore because these guys are a little elusive, but I believe it’s worth the search to see these pink beauties rolling about in the waves and playing alongside the boat.


It’s a terrible pic, but it’s the best I can find:



Is there anything else that I should add to my Thailand to-do list?


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