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The Shadow Boxer, Maboneng


Walking through Maboneng recently, I went back to get a better photo of The Shadow Boxer. This incredible mural of a young Nelson Mandela was painted shortly after this death. The mural went up over a couple of days in December 2013. The massive mural painted by artists Ricky Lee is breathtaking when you come across it, and it’s sheer size makes it even more outstanding from below.


I opted to put a black and white edit on this image just because the light was so terrible on the day I went, against the tan of the bricks, the grey tones of the mural really stand and it’s worth making the trip into town to see this. The surrounding streets are also filled with street art and are constantly changing. For more detail on this mural, check out this comprehensive posts by Mzansi Girl here.

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  • I like the B & W edit. Thanks for the mention :)

    • Thanks Meruschka!

  • What is the address of this place? Lots of websites list this and speak about it but no one actually says where it is.

    • Hi Bernard, you’re absolutely right! I think we’ve all taken it for granted that because it’s part of the skyline, it’s easy to find once you’re in the area. The best road to see the mural from is Beacon Road, find it here:


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