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Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar – Melville’s new breakfast gem

Mmm… mmm… breakfast eggs are my favourite kind of eggs, and the eggs at Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar (love that name) are my new favourite eggs in Jozi. So much so, that I even made a terrible ‘eggs-cellent’ pun on Twitter when I visited this new restaurant over the weekend. *Face palm*

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar has recently opened at the top end of Old Melville (where The Bead Shop used to be) and with the promise of eggs invert which way you could think of, I just knew it was going to be a great addition to the Melville strip.

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar 3


Walking in, the shop has had a complete makeover with natural wood tones, industrial black steel and a layout that is geometric and very appealing if you have OCD.

The eggs-cellent eggs of Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar

Everything on the breakfast menu at Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar was appealing. I actually ended up ordering two different breakfasts so that I could taste more! Between Alessio and I we had the Deep-Fried Eggs, Eggs ‘n Soldiers and Steak ‘n Bacon Cheddar Cheese Balls with Red Sauce.

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar 6

Let’s break it down. The Deep-Fried Eggs are literally deep fried out of the shell. They have a sort of crispy crust and looked like fried eggs turned over and are served with slices of apple, fresh basil and an apple cider vinaigrette. This is excellent and a small enough portion to share!

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar 2

The Eggs ‘n Soldiers are pretty much what you would expect (soft-boiled eggs), but come with asparagus spears wrapped in bacon as the soldiers. Delish!

Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar 5

Steak ‘n Bacon Cheddar Cheese Balls with Red Sauce are a good portion of meat balls topped with a tomato-based sauce and fried eggs served on top like little hats. This is a really heart breakfast and perfect for guys that want something substantial.

Our breakfast was accompanied by their excellent coffee and fresh pressed juices. Both I would recommend highly. The menu is also really well priced, with the Deep-Fried Eggs priced at R45 and the meatballs at R85, there’s a good range for everybody.

The reason I’ll go back? When I asked our waitress to help us make a decision on what to choose, she said we’ll just have to keep coming back until we’ve had it all. Usually, I’d find that annoying, but it was truly sincere.

Thanks Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar, you were tasty.

While they don’t have a website just yet, you can find out more about Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar on their Facebook page. And definitely make a booking – 063 335 9348 – otherwise we never would’ve got a table it’s so busy right now!

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  • Eggs-ceptional!

  • Sounds like eggs-actly what I need this Sunday!

  • We visited when they had first opened and whilst I thought everything was delicious I was appalled at the prices. We had the deep fried eggs as well – R70! I see they have lowered the price of that now and I’m really pleased. Did they have descriptions of each dish on the menu when you visited? There were none when we went and the waitress couldn’t explain much. Seems like it has improved, looking forward to going back :)

    • Hey Olivia! Yip, everything was well described and I thought the pricing was fair for what we got. It is a little sad you had that experience, but it has been improved so maybe try it again sometime?

  • What an eggs-cells to review !! Gonna scramble on down there soon !!

    • That was a real knee slapper Ed!

  • Omelette-le late to the discussion. I hope nobody’s poached my comment.


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