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Going to Town for dim sum

If you’re as much of a fan of those fluffy white pillows known as dim sum, then you’ll be happy to hear Jozi has a new kid on the block when it comes to asian delights! Say hello Town!

Town opened quite recently and is inside the super trendy Work Shop New Town complex in Jozi. It’s all glass and serves very simply, dim sum and drinks, and that’s about it!

Town Dim Sum 1

Town, from the outside.

We sat down outside for a Sunday lunch and were handed little cards to fill out our orders. It’s as simple as putting down your name and then choosing exactly which combo of dim sum you’d like. Because I love variety, I chose three different types of dim sum in my basket.

The drinks menu was a great selection of the regular things, but also some local flavour in the form of Inverroche gin and Sxollie cider.

Town Dim Sum 2

Inverroche Amber, always a winner and served in the sweetest, little glass.

Was it delicious?

The dim sum at Town is lovely, and its definitely far better than some stodgy counterparts I’ve had at other restaurants in Jozi, but if I’m fair, The Orient in Melrose Arch still holds my heart for the best dim sum in Jozi-town.

Town Dim Sum 3

Dipping the dim (sum).

Town’s dim sum had wonderful flavours, but I found that the parcels were a little oversteamed and were popping open when they arrived on the table, making it difficult to eat them. Everything is definitely fresh and I would go back for a second time to see if it was just a rookie error. Don’t let my popping dims put you off, overall this is a great little spot on Newtown worth checking out.

Pricewise, a basket of six dim sum will cost you R75.

Want to go to Town? Give them a call on tel:011 492 1393 or just pop right in at Work Shop New Town! For more info, check out their temporary online home on the Work Shop New Town site here.

Town Dim Sum 5

The sweetest little panda chopsticks are provided too.

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