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Five great travel Instagram accounts for wanderlust

On a daily basis, I trawl through quite a few blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts looking for inspiration or new ideas for work or even to just pass time. Spending time on Instagram is fast becoming my favourite of all accounts though. The wanderlust-inducing images and the stories told in the captions can draw me in and before I know it, I’ve spent 30 minutes engrossed in somebody’s life.

I’ve put together a list of my favourite five travel Instagram accounts of the moment. They’re worth a follow. Really!


I first met Jeremy when he came out to South Africa in 2013 for the first #MeetSouthAfrica campaign. Besides a great sense of humour, he takes great photos of all the places that he visits. I took notice of all his photos from Thailand (where he spent a few months this year) because of my own trip there. Sadly, most of the captions are in Swiss German and sometimes I desperately want to know the story behind the photos and end up making up my own!


Sarah Duff needs little introduction if you follow South African travel writers. As the former online editor for Getaway magazine, Sarah built up an incredible following before heading off to explore the world. Currently in the USA, her photos make me long for the open roads of the States.


An account I only started following recently, Nathan’s photos make me want to explore my own country beyond what I just know. Gorgeous landscape shots with unreal colours are what make this account a favourite for me.


I’m completely fascinated with the Nordics and daydreams of vikings and the Northern Lights are something I happen to fall into whenever there is a new image posted on this account. The crispness of the images as well as the beautiful scenery make me want to visit straight away, even in the middle of winter!


After the #GoToReunion campaign mid 2014, I was hooked on Reunion Island. The first time I found out about this little gem was on a trip to Mauritius in 2008. I’ve been dying to go ever since! Luckily, this wanderlust will be cured soon as I’ve been confirmed to head to Reunion in September for an assignment!

If you follow any fantastic travel Instagram accounts, please pop them in the comments below. I’m always ready for another dose of travel wonder!

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