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Five great South African white wines

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Following on my post a little while ago on Five great South African red wines, I thought I’d post some of my favourite white wines now that the Jo’burg weather is warming up. As with the red wines, this list of great South African white wines is a budget-friendly selection that will impress anybody popping over to enjoy a glass in the summertime sunshine.

I included a Sauvignon Blanc, which is not usually my first choice of varietal, but this one doesn’t have that acrid green pepper smell that so many Sauv Blancs do.

Blackwater The Underdog

This is a very recent discovery for me, and I don’t usually opt for Chenin because I find them a little too sharp in some cases. This Chenin Blanc is deliciously smooth though and pairs really well with light vegetarian dishes. Also, it has a westie on the bottle and I have a genetic weakness towards a good looking West Highland Terrier.

Recommended retail price: R90 – I buy directly from Blackwater here, it’s impossible to find it anywhere else

Warwick The White Lady

Now I know that a wooded chardonnay is not everybody’s favourite, but I adore them. The creamy, buttery flavour in this makes me ridiculously happy. It’s a little bit more than, but it’s a great white to add to your menu if you’re serving a rich white-sauce pasta.

Recommended retail price: R165

Dombeya Sauvignon Blanc

I found Dombeya through a Twitter recommendation, it is basically the best Sauvignon Blanc for it’s price. It also resembles less of a Sauv Blanc and more of a blend, which please me greatly. In other words, no green pepper here! This is another wine I buy straight from the estate. It’s affordable, will work for most people who enjoy a dry white and works wonderfully with salads and seafood dishes.

Recommended retail price: R60

Bouchard Finlayson Missionvale

I can’t sing the praises enough of this Chardonnay. Usually a little bit more costly than Sauv Blanc, this particular bottle has a strong peachy flavour melting through it’s creamy texture. Absolutely delicious and what I would consider the best wine to put on a table surrounded by Chardonnay lovers.

Recommended retail price: R200

Limelight Chardonnay Pinot Noir

A little more earthy than it’s Haute Cabriere counterpart, this chardonnay pinot noir is a great summer choice. It’s pink hue is delicate, while the very fruity taste works well with fresh, fruity puddings. Hard to go wrong with this choice.

Recommended retail price: R70

Which of these wines is a favourite of yours? Do you agree with my round-up of five? Let me know in the comments below…

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  • You must also try the Almenkerk Sauvignon Blanc, you can get it in Norman Goodfellows – it’s fab

    • I will definitely check it out Louise, thanks for the suggestion!


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