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Five of the best South African travel bloggers – Part 1

South Africa’s travel blogging scene can be a little tricky to navigate at times. Personally, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that as an industry, travel blogging hasn’t taken off in South Africa as it has in other parts of the world. That is however changing and through projects that I’ve worked on in the last couple of months, I’ve started following some great fellow South African travel bloggers that are all unique and are developing in their own travel niche.

I wanted to share some of these bloggers with my readers so they can also look into following them and building the recognition of travel blogging in South Africa as it moves towards a more professional standard here.This is the first of a two-part series, the second pool of travel bloggers will be published in a few weeks. These are all bloggers I adore and in most cases have a friendship with. Let me know who you think should also be included on my lists in the comment section below.

Mzansi Girl

With a love for all things Afrocentric, I love the way Meruschka Govender manages to easily blend her passion for travel with her passion for Africa in all of its wonderfulness. This includes design, art, graffiti and of course, the people. Her blog is informative and detailed for travel in Africa and a few other countries she’s been lucky enough to visit. Her posts about the origin of South Africa’s important calendar days are some of my favourites as she highlights their importance while marrying them with modern street art and South African figures.


The Incidental Tourist

With a background in travel, Dawn Jorgensen mixes her love for the country with her soulful posts about important places and causes linked to her trips. The descriptions that Dawn crafts for the things she has done and seen are always poetic and leave an impression mirroring what she felt while she was on the road. Her love for the environment and worthy causes are a feature distinct to her posts.


2 Summers

Not strictly a South African blogger, Heather Mason is an American happy to live in Johannesburg. Her blog is a tribute to the development and excitement of Jo’burg’s inner city and in recent months has started including more detail about other African countries. I’m continually amazed at how Heather is so invested in Johannesburg and her love affair with my city makes me excited to be a resident myself.


My Slow Journey

Katarina Mancama has a love for places that operate as fair trade after working for Fair Trade in Tourism for a few years. Her focus on luxury hotels, fine dining and the occasional Swedish culinary delight are great fun to follow. Kat’s perspective on places is often quite personal, making you feel like you were there alongside her the entire time!


Moving Sushi

Focused on positive stories around the ocean, marine activities and people doing right by marine life, Linda Markovina documents her travels with some of the most beautiful photography. I wish I had started following Linda earlier as her blog is full of life and has some fantastic guest posts from very different destinations. The Moving Sushi Facebook page is also a great way to follow Linda on her travels as she regularly posts photos from the road, all gorgeous of course.


NOTE: All of the images in this post were taken from the respective bloggers own blogs and do not belong to me. 

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