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Three more of the best South African travel bloggers – Part 2

A few weeks back, I posted the first half of my series on my favourite South African travel bloggers. I absolutely love finding new local bloggers to follow and really have visions of help build this community into something really special and professional, bringing our readers some of the best tips and advice for their local and international travel.

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This second part does not mean I don’t love each of these bloggers just as much as those that featured in the first section. I love reading all of these because of the diversity in the writing and the unique angles each one of us takes on the same topic, making posts special for their select audience.

Die Reismier

A collection of posts both written and curated by Carla Lewis-Balden, this Afrikaans travel blog conveys great humour and a zest for travel to alternative destinations by alternative means. The content is unexpected and original and the team is also starting to produce small video inserts. Although only launched this year, this blog is growing very quickly and I expect there will be some big things going on here!

Carla-copyTails of a Mermaid

I’ve followed Natalie’s blog for a good few years now and it’s been great to see how it’s transitioned over that time. Natalie is growing her travel content now and is also involved in destination marketing which is reflecting in the effort she puts into conveying her travels to her readers. The video work here is also special and generally makes me smile and/or laugh. I really relate to Natalie and her sense of humour, it comes across so well in her posts.

 girl with cameraKaroo Space

Chris and Julie have a deep and passionate love for the Karoo. It’s surprising that more of us don’t though, since it covers such a massive part of our country! Their tales of the desert towns and mysterious people are always entertaining, thorough in their detail and accompanied by absolutely gorgeous photos. They also sell e-books and print books for those that want to know more about this crazy (in the best way) place.

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NOTE: All of the images in this post were taken from the respective bloggers own blogs and do not belong to me. 

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