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Edie Art and the Union Square Christmas Market – my reminder of New York

One of my favourite bits to bring back from any trip, after my photos of course, is a memento that is unique, authentic and a reminder of a great time wherever I was in the world. Personally, I love to bring back prints, paintings and tiles. I’ve collected one on almost every trip I’ve been on in recent years and the eclectic gathering of them on my walls is a reminder to never let my curiosity of discovering new places be quelled.

When I was in New York back in December 2011, friends and I came across a Christmas Market in Union Square. It was our first night in the Big Apple and were jetlagged, overwhelmed and still calculating in Rands. The smell of warm apple cider mingled with that of real Christmas trees and the strings of lights brought that familiar wave of December holidays down upon us.


This market is such a special place. The spacious candy-striped booths adorned with pictures, woollen hats, stuffed animals, tasty holiday treats and all-that-glitters was the perfect place to start our New York adventure. We wandered between stalls, wide-eyed and in love with the city we’d call home for half a month.

When I came across the Edie Art stall, I felt myself being pulled in to look at the tiny, colourful figures juxtaposed against the grit of city skylines across the world. Their little balloons signifying the hope that rises from the city streets. After staring for a while, I walked away with my apple cider. But something in me couldn’t leave the market without my very own Edie’s. Even though it was my first night and I still had weeks of travel ahead of me, I went right back to sort through the stacks of prints to find the two that would come home with me.


I’ve had them framed and they stand to attention above my TV now. A constant reminder of the beautiful place that is New York and the amazing memory of finding that unexpected gem of a market in the massive grid of Manhattan. Since, I’ve brought back tons of others and they’re all scattered across the apartment. This growing collection is so significant to me. I can describe where and when and why begins each picture or tile, and for me, it’s the signs of a life that will one day be called well-lived.

If you adore my Edie Art, you can get your own here.

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