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A dose of comfort food at Franco’s Parkview

It isn’t really a secret, but it’s not as well known as you’d imagine it would be either, Franco’s Parkview is one of my absolute favourite spots for comfort food in Jo’burg. The tri-coloured menus and red tablecloth overlays play to the Italian theme so well, but this place has more than just it’s food going for it.

Whenever we’ve had a busy few weeks, my friends and I usually choose to pop into Franco’s for dinner for a long catch-up. Everything is as delicious as it sounds, but more than that, the personalities here are as comforting as the delicious pastas and pizzas served hot from the wood-fired oven.


Opened by Franco Forleo in 1987, the restaurant has been going for over 25 years now. It’s easy to figure out why after your first visit too. The warmth of the food is enhanced by the warmth of Franco and his sons and nephew. The personalities here would make an awesome sitcom, but the cameras probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with them all.

IMG_1067 IMG_1068

Whenever I visit, I go with whatever is suggested as the best of the specials for the day. It means I always have something different and it’s never been disappointing. Dinner, wine and conversation mingle perfectly in this place with it’s well-worn comfy chairs and friendly staff. Following dinner with a panna cotta and limoncello are always the last course here. In my opinion, Franco’s do the best panna cotta in Jo’burg. Soft, light and tasty! The limoncello is also made here!

Before winter is over, go visit. It’s so delicious and so hidden away, it’s a mini holiday away from life here.


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  • Looks and sounds so damn good!!

    • You have to if you’re ever in Jo’burg Christine! Give me a shout and I’ll even join you!

  • Our fave local haunt – has been for years!

    • Perfect spot to have as a local!


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