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Dolci Cafe – My favourite local breakfast spot

A few months back, the sweetest little Italian bakery opened up from across my apartment block. Dolci Cafe was in many ways a godsend:

  1. I’m always desperate for a good coffee, and sometimes I don’t want to drive to get one since I work from home
  2. I have ALWAYS said that a breakfast spot would be perfect there, purely for my own selfish reasons

Since opening, I have watched Dolci Cafe flourish and can happily say I’m a regular. So much of a regular in fact that we opted for a trade exchange a while back where Alessio and I shot food images for them in exchange for quite a few breakfasts.

Dolci Cafe 3

Dolci’s menu has since grown to include better breakfasts (I didn’t adore the first round to be honest), light lunches, and even platters. It’s been a reminder that starting small is how to get the best tasks done, and I can honestly say that it’s the most comfortable breakfast spot I have.

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Besides the fact that it’s just a trot across the street, the owners are both around all the time, they’re super friendly and I don’t even have to place an order anymore, just nod my head to the question: “The usual then?”

Dolci Cafe 1

My usual is a flat white, served alongside the anchovy toast with extra poached eggs.

If you’re not an anchovy fan, hear me out: the anchovy paste on the toast is freshly-made and isn’t pungent or overbearing, it’s just a delish salty butter on fresh ciabatta served with gherkins, tomato and red onion. It’s simple and perfect and I wouldn’t want anything more.

Dolci Cafe has also become the spot where I pop in when I’m having a terrible day and need a little pick-me-up in the form of sugary sweet treat, also known as a cream horn and it is impeccably good. And you can even order cakes or catering for special occasions, pretty awesome!

Dolci Cafe 2

I’ve spent so much time over at Dolci Cafe that I feel like I’m not in a relationship with a cafe too. We have shared good and bad moments, I have presented many cakes, pastries and treats to family and friends from there, and am trying hard to set up a semi-permanent desk in the corner for when my WiFi goes down.

If you visit, let them know it was because I told you to. Dolci Cafe is on the corner of Lancaster and Clarence Avenue in Craighall Park (next door to where Toni’s used to be). Find out more info on their website here.

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