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Delta Cafe revisited

When I first started this blog a few years ago, one of my first posts was about Delta Cafe in Craighall Park. Little did I know at the time that it would become my most popular post in this blog and the one still referenced on almost a daily basis (thank you SEO).

In any case, I figured that I really owe it to my readers to go and revisit, take some photos and write a fresher review. Not because I haven’t been in two years, but because I have and there have been so many positive changes that I should offer updated info!

Firstly, Delta Cafe is still as lovely as it has ever been. The staff are friendly, the location is great, and the menu is still simple and tasty. In my first post about Delta mentioned that it was still sorta secret. That is definitely not the case anymore though! Now Delta Cafe is brimming with visitors all the time, and if you don’t show up early for a breakfast table on the weekend, you’re very unlikely to get a seat!

Delta Cafe 5

In terms of how Delta Cafe looks two years later, there are some changes! The outdoor area is no longer grass, and the cafe has installed a wooden deck using palettes, they’ve also put shade cloth overhead, but the children’s play area at the end of the garden is still intact and ever so popular.

The menu is pretty similar to what it was when Delta Cafe first opened two years ago, serving up fresh, wholesome meals prepared to order. Now there is a selection of cupcakes and cakes on display though! We popped in for breakfast and enjoyed some exceptional coffees (I adore restaurants that don’t just serve a standard cappuccino), accompanied by French toast, syrup and bacon. Simple and tasty!

Delta Cafe 1 Delta Cafe 3

Delta Cafe is open Tuesday to Sunday from 08h00 to 17h00 and can be contacted on 084 509 8084. Their website isn’t up yet, but you can follow their page on Facebook for the time being.

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