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Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

We had just less than 48 hours in Boston when I visited the US in 2011. We had caught a bus from New York City (with onboard WiFi) that took a few hours to get to the city early in the morning. It was on new year’s day and we hardly expected to see too much while we were there. We hadn’t even done that much research into what to do in Boston!

To get orientated as fast as we could with the city, as well as do some serious sightseeing, we opted to hop on board the Boston Old Town Trolley. Yes, it’s very touristy but it’s such a great way to see the major attractions and hop off wherever you want to spend some more time. I’d really recommended doing this when you arrive.

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One of the stops along the way was the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. I wasn’t sure what to really expect. It’s clear from approach that the large reconstructed ships floating in the harbour are a tourist drawcard. The bright colours and signage definitely make this attraction appealing for any and all tourists. We didn’t spend too much time outside because as you can clearly see, it was freezing cold. So cold in fact that I was wearing two pairs of pants and two hats and therefore shuffling like a penguin.

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After we got our ticket, we were handed a card detailing a personality. The start of the tour of the ships and the museum starts with an interactive lesson where you have to pipe up and recite the quotes on your card while the ‘lesson’ is led by a costumed member of staff. It’s fascinating to hear more about the city’s history and the country’s history with the British in this fun way.

We made our way through the floating vessel and it’s props, which was really funny with it’s waxen sailors and realistic detail and then moved into the museum itself where the exhibits included holograms and talking frames. I was half focused on how well the museum has been put together and only listened to half the story, but it’s fun nonetheless and worth checking out. I loved the hologram bits so much I even took a little clip!

This attraction is great for anybody really. The interactive exhibits make it more fun for kids that would otherwise be easily bored by the complicated history here. There’s a fantastic souvenir shop at the end of the tour as well as Abigail’s Tea Room for quick refreshment stop. To find out more, check out the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum website here.

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