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Big beds and great brekkie at The Cellars-Hohenhort

There’s nothing better than walking into your hotel room and there’s a giant, delicious, marshmallow-like hotel bed. It’s signifies luxury, all those cushions and big puffy duvets that seem to swallow you as you fall into their loving embrace. This is exactly what I was met with when I checked into my suite at The Cellars-Hohenhort in May.

It may have been a miserable rainy day outside, yeah Cape Town, but inside that warm room, everything was just perfect. In fact, so perfect that I opted to stay there for the whole afternoon while spending some time catching up with the online world. The small touches in the suite were my favourite part: a bottle of Constantia wine, good coffee, underfloor heating and big, comfy sofa to snuggle up on while the rain pitter-pattered away outside.


The Cellars-Hohenhort is split into two sections: The Cellars, which is the newer of the two buildings and The Hohenhort, where I spent the night. One of my new favourite restaurants, The Greenhouse sits on the ground floor of the Hohenhort building. The original Cape Dutch architecture is immeasurably engrossing, in a subtle way though.

Fireplaces, huge bunches of flowers and the occasional meow from one of the resident kitties, makes this place feel very comforting. There’s a familiarity about this 5-star hotel. Something abut the decor, the eloquent staff and the unquestionable commitment to service make this a special place in the heart of Cape Town’s Constantia Valley.


Looking out from my balcony over the forest outside, while the sun was trying its best to break through the cloud cover, there seemed to be a magic in the building’s history, something enchanting.

The hotel is also a showcase for Ardmore Ceramics. One day when I’m gown up, I hope to have these dotted around my own house, but at least I got to pretend for the night they were all part of my own personal collection!


Breakfast, served in The Conservatory, was another spectacular affair. A perfect scrambled egg and salmon delight was my choice out of the tasty looking items, while a table laden with pastries, fruit and all the things you’d expect when you go continental were waiting nearby.

Constantia itself is such a fantastic part of Cape Town to stay in. The leafy streets and the smell of fresh pines from the slopes make for a change from the city. Next time I’m going back for high tea!

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My stay at The Cellars-Hohenhort was complimentary of The Collection by Liz McGrath. As with all my posts, all editorial content is my own.

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