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Authentic Thai food at Krua Apsorn in Bangkok

When travelling, I have one general rule of thumb when it comes to picking a restaurant for a meal. I always look for places that are off any main strip and if I’m in a country that the primary language isn’t English, menus that haven’t been translated. These simple guidelines usually end in me being at a spot that’s more or less geared for locals rather than tourists and will probably offer a more authentic meal.

When I arrived at Krua Apsorn, my rule basically was thrown out of the window immediately. This popular eatery sits on a major road near the Grand Palace in Bangkok, the menu is also translated and has photos of each meal set out for diners. That being said, there wasn’t a tourist in sight and all of the other diners in this packed restaurant were chatting away at large tables while steaming bowls were being slung around and shared family style.


The atmosphere in the restaurant was only enhanced by the delicious smells swirling around the dining room. Sitting at a long table, our guide took the liberty of ordering a huge array of dishes for us to get through. From the tastiest tofu all the way through to tender prawns and spicy seafood soup, within a few minutes everything was crowding our table while we tucked into probably the freshest and best Thai food I ate while in Bangkok.

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There was way more food than we could handle at the table, but that didn’t stop our waitress from squeezing in plates whenever she saw a gap. All in all though, this was a genuine meal with great ingredients and an enjoyable atmosphere. While Bangkok has fantastic street food, Krua Apsorn is a great spot to get out of the heat and enjoy something authentic although a popular choice with locals and tourists alike.

I was a big fan of how they served beer in glasses with a frozen bottom too, perfect for the hot, humid city that we were happy to get reprieve from in this place.

You can make a booking here, and probably should try despite the language barrier if you’re going in a large group, but the tables turn quite quickly around lunch time and even if there’s a small queue outside, it’s worth the wait!

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