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Delectable brunch at Park Café

I work from home. I often spend days at a time locked inside my flat with nobody to talk to but the cat. This makes me a little loopy sometimes. Scratch that, it makes me a lot loopy sometimes. It even recently resulted in me having a twenty-minute conversation with a student in a shopping centre promoting tracking devices for vehicles. For the record, my car has a tracker, I wasn’t in the market for one, I was just that excited to be around another human.

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You’re now thinking “where is she going with this?” right? Well, because I need to make sure I get enough human attention throughout the week as to not suffocate P with my sad and lonely affections over the weekend, I often look to working in coffee spots and restaurants around my neighbourhood. Although I’d heard about it before, and driven past even more times, I’d never actually stopped at Park Café and I’m kicking myself for it. Not only do they serve gigantic, delicious breakfasts as I discovered, it’s also a little like a hidden wonderland in there!

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Park Café is in The Parks Shopping Centre. It’s a tiny centre on Jan Smuts, diagonally opposite The Goodman Gallery, and even though it’s on the busiest road in the area, when you get inside, it’s calm and whimsical and tasty. The bright colours and vintage floral situation in Park Café is awesome. There’s great coffee, fantastic items on the menu (of which I’d tried all of them) and of course, cake. Because where would we be as a civilisation without cake people?

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The coffee machine is no joke either. Imported from Italy with a soaring eagle on top, Park Café mean business when it comes to their lattes. You can also pick up some tasty treats inside to take along to your next meeting, or to just hide in your car and binge on in traffic.

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They are open all days of the week, but only for breakfast and lunch (and tea and cake of course) and Sundays are early days, because when you’re doing such delicious things, you need rest occasionally. Check out their website here and let me know when you want to meet up for a coffee!

Disclaimer: My visit to Park Cafe was by their invitation, but I promise my opinion wasn’t swayed by that fact. Also, these gorgeous images are not my own, simply because I forgot a camera that morning because I locked myself out of my house and had to climb in a window and by the time I got in my car, I wasn’t going back in again to face the blatant glint of pity in my cat’s eyes.


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  • This place looks absolutely divine! Thanks for the alert.

    • Go check it out and let me know what you think?


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